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The Wives of Loganís Point is a work of fiction. The events described in its pages are imaginary, as are the characters, and many of the places. Nothing in the novel is intended to portray actual events or real people, living or dead.

That said I would like to thank the real-life wives whose closeness, camaraderie, and mutual support were the inspiration for this book. They are my neighbors and friends, and they include my own wife.

I do not, of course, use their real names, and have completely fictionalized their characters and personalities. I do not believe that any of them are capable of the acts described in the book except that they would support each other to the ends of the earth. Also, as of this writing, all of their husbands are still alive.

If any of the wives, however, choose to lay claim to being the muse for a specific character, they may feel free to do so (they know who they are), but I will neither confirm nor deny that claim in any public venue.

Ken Blaisdell

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